Breeding Journal, Species: [Elacatinus figaro]

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Breeding Journal, Species: [Elacatinus figaro] - Wednesday, February 28, 2018 9:35 AM
Breeding Journal DataSheet
This first post should be updated regularly to include new information as events take place or changes are made to your system

Species:  Yellow Neon Gobies (Elacatinus figaro)                    
Social Structure:  Male/Female Pair
Size of Individuals:  2"
Age of Individuals:  At least 2 Years
Date added to Tank:  August 2016

Broodstock Tank Details
Size of Tank:  10 Gallons
Substrate Details:  Bare Bottom with three 4" sections of 3/4" PVC Pipe
Filtration Details:  Part of 100 Gallon system. Sump containing Bio Balls, 100um Filter Sock, and Protein Skimmer.
Water Changes:  5% of total water volume weekly
Water Temperature:  78°F
Lighting:  T-5    1 X 54w 10,000k    1 X 54w Actinic 
Lighting Cycle:  9 hours on 15 hours off 
Other Tank Inhabitants:  None

Broodstock Feeding Details
Food Types: LRS Fertility Frenzy, Homemade gel diet,  Variety of frozen food 
Feeding Schedule: 4-5 times daily                      

Spawning Details
Date of First Spawn:  The spawn recorded in this journal occurred on 1/2/18 (First spawn by this pair was October 2016)
Spawn Time of Day:  Morning
Dates of Consecutive Spawns:  Every 10 Days or so
Courtship Details:  Neither fish will eat during spawning and both are inside of a section of PVC pipe for the duration of the event.
Egg Size:  About 1mm in length. Working on better estimate.
Egg Color:  Clear-White
Egg Count:  120+

Hatch Details
Hatch Date:  1/10/18 
Hatch Time of Day: Manually hatched in the evening (3PM) 
# Days after Spawn:  8 
Larvae Description:  3.5 - 4mm in length, clear with visible oil droplet and some color developing immediately. Very phototactic   
Consecutive Hatch Dates:  Every 10 days or so

Larval Tank Details
Temperature: 80 degrees Fahrenheit
Size of Larval Tank: 46 Liters
Substrate Details: Bare Bottom 
Other Tank Decor:  Center drain standpipe 
Filtration Details:  150 gallon sump, bioballs, protein skimmer
Lighting:   1 X 100 Watt, 1100 Lumen, 5000K LED Floodlight suspended 12 inches from the surface of the water.
Lighting Cycle:  18 hours on  6 hours off
Water Changes: None until 5-6dph, then one per day until settelment

Larval Feeding Details
Food Types:  B. Plicatilus maintained at 10 food particles/mL 
Feeding Schedule:  Food density is sampled 3 times per day and maintained at 10 food particles/mL 

Date of Settlement Start:  1 
Days after Hatch:  34                      
Date of Settlement End:  2/18/18 
Description of Fry:  Before color change, larvae start to settle onto walls and bottom of larval tank rather than swimming in the water column. Fry slowly turn from clear to opaque. Yellow coloration appears first followed by black. 

Grow-Out Tank Details

Temperature: 78 F 
Size of Grow-Out Tank:  15 Gallons
Substrate Details:  Bare Bottom
Other Tank Decor:  One 90 elbow fitting for overflows in the top corners of the tank 
Filtration Details: 150 Gallon Sump with Bioballs, ASM Skimmer, and 100um Filter Sock
Lighting:  Over two 15 gallon tanks: 1 X 54w 10,000k T-5    1 X 54w Actinic T-5 
Lighting Cycle: 9 hours on 15 hours off
Water Changes:  5-10 gallons weekly on entire system. Tank bottom siphoned as needed. 
Size at Transfer:  15 - 19 mm
Age at Transfer:   40 dph

Grow-Out Feeding Details
Food Types: Crumbled Spirulina Flake 
Feeding Schedule:  3 - 4 Times Daily 

Additional Information

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Miscellaneous Information: 

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If your thread does not contain these photos the MBI Committee will not be able to approve your reports. PHOTOS AND VIDEO S MUST BE PLACED IN ADDITIONAL POSTS, NEVER IN THE FIRST POST IN A JOURNAL.

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Re:Breeding Journal, Species: [Insert Species Name Here] - Wednesday, February 28, 2018 10:35 AM

Broodstock Pair 2/28/2018

1/10/18: Eggs ready to hatch
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Re:Breeding Journal, Species: [Insert Species Name Here] - Tuesday, March 06, 2018 9:37 AM

1/10/18: 0 dph larvae

1/12/18: 2 dph larvae. Each box is 1mm by 1mm so this fish is approximately 3.5mm in length.

2/13/18: Settlement beginning in a few fish at 34dph

2/18/18: Settlement nearly complete at 39dph