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    Species: Palaemon serratus
    Class: A
    Environment: Present usually in groups, in crevices and under stones from intertidal pools to the shallow subtidal. Also found in estuaries and seagrass beds. Found from the intertidal to depths of 40 m.
    Size/Weight/Age: 3-4 inches
    Distribution: Probably present all around Britain and Ireland. Recorded from Shetland and Orkney. Scarcely recorded on the northeast coast of Britain. Frequent on the west, south and south west coast of England and Wales and west coast of Scotland. Recorded from the west, south west, south and southeast coast of Ireland
    Description: Palaemon serratus is a typical prawn with a cylindrical body composed of a carapace at the front and six abdominal segments. It has a large upturned rostrum in front of the eyes with distinctive dorsal and ventral teeth. Just below the large compound eye on each side is the antennule, which is divided into three parts. Below the antennule is the antenna, which is divided into two parts; the short flat segment (scaphocerite) and the long whip-like flagellum. Palaemon serratus is translucent with red/brown lines on the carapace and abdomen. The first two pairs of walking legs bear claws (chela) and have yellow and red banding. - Large round-bodied prawn up to 11 cm in length. - Translucent with variable markings but generally red/brown horizontal or oblique lines on the carapace and vertical on the abdomen. - First two walking legs (pereiopods) chelate with yellow and brown banding. - Head region covered by a carapace with a well developed rostrum with distinct upward curve. - Rostrum with 6-7 dorsal teeth, 2 of which are behind the eyesocket, and 4-5 ventral teeth. - Mandible with palp of 3 segments (requires microscopic examination). Palaemon serratus could be mistaken for the similar species Palaemon elegans, Palaemon longirostris and Palaemon adspersus but can be separated by the shape of the rostrum and the number of dorsal and ventral rostral teeth.
    Data Sheet: http://www.marlin.ac.uk/speciesinformation.php?speciesID=4019
    WoRMS: http://www.marinespecies.org/aphia.php?p=taxlist&tName=Palaemon serratus
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