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    Species: Ecsenius melarchus
    Class: C
    Environment: Marine; reef-associated; depth range ? - 31 m - Tropical; 20°N - 15°S
    Size/Weight/Age: Max length : 5.0 cm TL male/unsexed;
    Distribution: Western Pacific: Philippines, Indonesia, and Sabah, Malaysia.
    Description: A pale greenish species with bright yellow or golden ring around the eye, silvery line with orange below from under the eye to top of the pectoral fin base and a black spot around the anus (Ref. 48636 ).
    Biology: Inhabits coastal reefs and on deep lagoon bommies. Occurs frequently at depths less than 15 m. In small groups in shallow depths on large sponges or brain corals (Ref. 48636 ). Oviparous (Ref. 205 ). Eggs are demersal and adhesive (Ref. 205 ). Minimum depth from Ref. 58018.
    Data Sheet: http://www.fishbase.org/Summary/SpeciesSummary.php?id=7662
    WoRMS: http://www.marinespecies.org/aphia.php?p=taxlist&tName=Ecsenius melarchus
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