Hippocampus Erectus Juveniles

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Hippocampus Erectus Juveniles - Sunday, September 02, 2018 10:12 PM
$20 per horse.  

Erectus Juveniles.  Saltwater Fish
Ponies are between 4-6 months old.  Size varies from 2-4 inches.  All are eating frozen hakari mysid shrimp.  Colors Vary based on surroundings.  Assume you are buying a black horse.  Fairly easy to keep if you have an appropriate sized tank.  Juveniles can be kept in a 10 gallon but soon they will need 30 gallons per pair.  Sea horses do better with cooler conditions  
I keep the parents at 73 degrees.  The juveniles are kept at room temp in a cool house. They will not fair well in a reef tank.  I keep several other peaceful fish in the same tank as the parents but they shouldn't be kept with aggressive fish or stinging corals.  They are hardy fish but not great swimmers.  I do keep ricordia and another mushroom with mine. 
The juveniles are fun to watch and not shy at feeding time.  When they see shadows near their glass they'll come out to say hello and to say feed me.
These are all captive bred.  I purchased their mother and father (pictured) as captive bred sea horses and these are babies I've raised.  When I bought them their mother was black and she now maintains different shades of tan/ cream/ yellowish.  These are not Kudas and will never be bright yellow.  
I live in North Florida and  have successfully shipped these smaller horses 2 day ground to Arkansas. I do not guarantee arrive alive unless you want to pay the exorbitant over night shipping fee ($100 or more).  2 day ground shipping has worked and is $25.00
I am unable to sex the sea horses.  I will do my best to honor any requests but I am not experienced at sexing juvenile horses.
They love Chaeto and Prolifera macro algae to hold on to in their tank which also helps with filtration.  Can be purchased seperately.
I only ship Monday or Tuesday (mostly Tuesday's)  to give ample time for your package to arrive.  I recommend you only purchase these if you are in the southeast where ground shipping gets your fish to you in 2 days.  I am willing to try 3 day shipping but have never done this before and really is at your own risk.  My zip code is 32303 and i can ship fedex or ups ground my choice.  Weather may effect if I ship or not.  I want these horses to have the best possible chance at arriving to you happy and healthy.  I take them to the shipper right before closing so that they spend the least amount of time in shipping.  You can reduce that by picking up at your facility if you know the address and send it to me as your ship to address.  Please make sure to ship it where someone is able to receive it.  I will not require a signature unless you request that.  
You may request smaller or larger horses.  I'll send you the best that I have.  All will still be on frozen hakari mysid (I say hakari because they run smaller than PE mysid).  You can also use a razor blade to chop larger mysid up but I don't bother.  They are eating frozen hakari without any chopping 2 times a day.  Smaller gives you more chance to cycle a larger tank before they will need it and more time to watch them grow.  Larger they will be closer to full grown (though still juveniles so not large) and closer to sexual maturity where you can watch them mate and make babies for you (if you get a several male/female  biology rules still apply).
I use an insulated cooler, prime, and ice packs for shipping.